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ARGOMENTO: Maplestory M is fans' opportunity

Maplestory M is fans' opportunity 1 Settimana 1 Giorno fa #47078

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Here's what I was thinking could be viable:Cannon Bazooka; Chain Lightning (now using this one); Piercing Arrow (is this better than cannon bazooka?) ; Maple M Mesos (permits for easy jump attacking, extra drop speed, and speedy cast time).

Some FM shops have an unnatural number of merchandise (and some with normal amounts) such as 10% clean slate scrolls (stacks of 100) and other elite boss drops) Even though they may have used some unorthodox system to collect these products, what occurs to us ordinary customers that purchase some of these maplestory2 items?

Are we at risk if we buy from'anybody'? There are such apparent"BOSS BOSS BOSS" and odd shop owner titles that some remain away from but what happens when they are moved to a more not obvious shop/seller?

Say if the'botters' or people men and women are caught and their maplestory2 items are backtracked, what happens to those people who bought these items that had no idea if they were legitimately accumulated?

Do we simply get banned for this without a say? Do we have to submit a ticket that will take weeks (or not a response) to get a chance to have a state? I have been banned before on another acc for no reason and it took me 4 months to demonstrate it (more like to get any reaction from them (maybe not a hefty nx consumer )).

More product of games at Mmogdp!If you want to buy,welcome to !
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