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ARGOMENTO: Discover how to bat in Maplestory 2

Discover how to bat in Maplestory 2 1 Settimana 1 Giorno fa #47079

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I'm sick to death of visiting hackers and botters all. The majority of them are demon slayers. Maple 2 Mesos times I've been out Edelstein or even Ellinia and also have jumped to channel, locating 1 or two bots on literally each station in some maps.

I understand Nexon does not deal with botters very nicely, which is another problem entirely, but I had an idea on how to potentially limit their production. 99% of botters I visit have names with a random string of numbers and characters. Couldn't you employ a text filter when someone attempts to create a personality and block the character based on that, to recognize random strings?

And for your bot spammers that stand in FM1 and spam ads for illegal trading sites, couldn't a text filter be made to comprehend the words they use, check if it has been repeated several times, and then automatically prohibit them?

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I have been playing MS2 mesos for about 8 decades now and I wish I could help out the neighborhood more by being able to simply ban obvious botters using a couple clicks, because I run across them often. It is frustrating.This number includes Procedures of payment transformed into maplestory2 mesos

I returned to this match towards the end of last August, with the sole aim of trying to reach 2mil range, with no dipping into my pockets, of course. This was an achievement worth some thing , due to fairly obvious it's that 99 percent of the people who've attained this range have spent a significant amount of cash to'achieve' it.
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